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2022 Living Treasure

Sandra Ross

Sandra Ross has lived in the Beecroft area for over 40 years, 

  • During that time she has given her time & expertise selflessly to community events and has been a strong advocate of the Beecroft community.

  • Her love and contribution for the community includes: 

    • Raising money for the Beecroft Spring Fair (previously run by Lions Club) with Planting programs

    • Tree Planting on National Tree Day in the Beecroft Village Green

    • Advocating for the local community and regularly bringing in outsiders to the Beecroft Community through events that are held at the Garden Clinic such as Cake + Cuttings and Garden Improvement lessons and events.

  • She works tirelessly on beautifying and improving the ambience of the streets of Beecroft – planting watering, weeding, plants in planter boxes that line Hannah Street Beecroft. 

  • Sandra has been instrumental in rallying the local Hornsby Council to be gifted new planter boxes, that have improved drainage systems. These are being installed on Hannah Street in the coming weeks.

  • Sandra works continuously with sponsors for generous donations of potting mix, flowers and bulbs, plant food substances, without these donations the beautifying of these planter boxes would not be possible.

  • Sandra, supported by her companions, started a Facebook and Instagram page: giving updates, garden tips, run competitions to the local Beecroft Community.

  • Sandra has never been one to flaunt her enthusiastic community work yet chooses to lead by example and encourage younger Beecroft community members such as Charlotte to have a love of plants and beautifying and giving back to your local community.

Sandra Ross

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