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Tree of Joy


Donations open in November and close in December each year.


This is a great opportunity to give back to our communities. Not only will you give a young person a reason to smile on Christmas Day but if you can purchase the gift in Beecroft you will help our retailers enjoy a better Christmas as well! 

To participate, select the young boy or girl you want to buy the gift for from a tag on the Tree of Joy in Beecroft Place, purchase your gift then drop it to the bin provided at Priceline (please do not leave it under the Tree). A lot of the youth ask for gift vouchers, you can buy those at Woolworths, both teenage boys and girls ask for cosmetics or hairdryers and electric shaver etc. you can buy them at Priceline.

All instructions are on the tag on the tree.

Most recent event

On 18 December 2020, that year's Tree of Joy was dismantled and all gifts donated by our local community delivered to Taldumande Youth Services head office in North Sydney.

We were all so amazed by the amount of quality gifts to make a difference to the needy youth on Christmas Day.

A big THANK YOU to all those who contributed, your efforts are much appreciated! Our collection of Gift Cards reach $2500.00 this year which is just amazing!

The vast majority of gifts and gift cards were purchased locally, hence helping the retail sector in Beecroft at the same time.

This is a worthy community project, winners all around, thank you, you wonderful caring people in our local community.

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