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2022 Living Treasure

Ross Walker

Ross Walker has lived, with his wife Coral, in Beecroft for over 30 years. During this period of time he has been an active member of Beecroft life. 

He joined the Committee of the Beecroft Cheltenham Civic Trust since 1991 until the present and has chaired Committees and served on the Executive during that time including being President for the maximum term permitted and currently a Vice President. 

He is a member of the Hornsby Shire Council Bushland Management Advisory Committee and worked in the bushcare programme – primarily in Beecroft Reserve. 

Ross is the local Beecroft Cheltenham organiser for Clean Up Australia. 

Currently he is the Secretary of Beecroft Mens Probus. 

Ross is a surveyor who for many decades worked in a State Government agency with responsibility for State roads. This professional background has given him superior knowledge and skills concerning not just roads but also planning, heritage and the development of a geographical sense of place. 

Ross has brought his knowledge and skills to bear in improving the physical environment of Beecroft and Cheltenham. 

His contribution extends from the very hands on tasks of weeding bushland, to twice yearly leading Civic Trust bushwalks for well over two decades on the one hand to dedicated honorary service on regional planning panels and advisory bodies for Hornsby Shire Council. 

Ross is well known for his long and distinguished service for the local community through his role over decades on the Civic Trust. Sometimes on a daily basis he has reviewed development applications, appeared in development disputes provided advice on heritage and bushcare. 

More recently he has served on Probus, connected with the education programme for Beecroft Uniting and is an active member of the Beecroft & District Garden Club.

Ross Walker personifies all that is good and admirable about Beecroft. His contribution over decades to life in our villages is of the highest standard.

Ross has been awarded a Medal of the Order of Australia for Services to the Community.

Ross Walker

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